Sports Medicine

The department is responsible for education and research in sports medicine.

The department has over 40 scientific staff in permanent and temporary positions, of which the vast majority are funded externally.


The Department of Sports Medicine currently offers study in physical activity and health at bachelor's and master's level. This education confers the title "Physical Activity and Health Advisor NIH". In addition, the section offers a master's degree in sports physiotherapy. The master's degree program is the first approved continuing education program for sports physiotherapists. More about teaching at Department of Sports Medicine.

Research and laboratories

The research activity is concentrated on five main areas:

• Physical activity and health
• Women, exercise and health
• Prevention of sports injuries
• Active rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders
• Fitness

Read about research at Department of Sports Medicine.


Research and teaching are conducted within the respiratory physiology laboratory. Here, the characteristics and function of lungs and airways are analyzed in different groups of people - athletes and patients, both young and old.

Center for Sports Injuries

The center is an important part of the Department of Sports Medicine and aims to prevent injuries and other health problems such as eating disorders in sports. This is pursued through long-term research programs focusing on risk factors, injury mechanisms and preventative measures, with particular emphasis on football, handball and alpine skiing / snowboarding injuries. More information can be found on the center's own pages: Center for Sports Injuries Research and Fit to play.

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