Department of Sport and Social Sciences

Department of Sport and Social Sciences (DSS) is one of four Institutes at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. DSS was established on January 1st, 2020 and is a merger of the former Department of Social and Cultural Studies and the Department of Coaching and Psychology.

The Institute consists of a broad academic environment that involves research, development, and teaching in a number of subjects: the Sociology of Sport, Sports Philosophy, History of Sport, Sports Psychology, Coaching, Sport management and Sport for Development.

In order to facilitate stronger interdisciplinary cooperation and fellowship at the Institute and to secure development of teaching and research, the Institute has established six research and development groups: Elite Sports, Digitalization and New Technology in Sports, Sports and Sustainability, Ballgames, Children and Youth Sport, and Sports in Time of the Corona Virus.

In addition to research and developmental work, the Institute offers teaching at both bachelor- and master level and several courses at the Phd-level (a course in the Theory of Science and a course in Qualitative Methodology).

The Institute’s study portfolio consists of two Bachelor programs: Sport Management/Sport and Society, and Coaching and psychology. In addition, there are two 1-year courses (60 ECTS): Sport and Society, and Sport and Development.

Students are offered the option of two Masters programmes: Sport, Culture and Society or Coaching and Psychology.

The Institute will finalize its New Strategic Plan by 2020. This will be published shortly thereafter.

Contact us

Lone Friis Thing

Head of Department

Phone: +47 23 26 24 01

Kristin Andersen

Head of Office

Phone: +47 23 26 24 00 / +47 482 27 383

Lene Røe

Head of Office

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