Physical Performance

The department of physical performance contributes through education, research, and dissemination, to an understanding of what determines physical performance.

Fysisk prestasjonsevne

The department is responsible for teaching and conducting research within areas of how physical performance is influenced by optimal training and technique. 

The department's activities take place in "state of the art" laboratories, equipped for studying human motions. The department's target groups incorporate various populations; youth, elite-athletes, and the elderly population. We carry a specific responsibility for research within the sports of cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, swimming, orienteering, and athletics (track and field). 

The department educates sports physiologists and we offer a bachelor's degree, master's degree, and PhD. We also carry the responsibilities for coaching education within the sports of swimming, orienteering, athletics (track and field), alpine skiing, and cross-country skiing.

The department has a special focus on training towards optimizing muscle strength, muscle mass, endurance, muscle-tendon interactions, and technique. Training towards influencing these factors will have specific effects on performance and health.  

The department carries a special responsibility for sport-specific research within the sports of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, orienteering, and team sports (mostly football and handball).

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Klavs Madsen

Klavs Madsen

Head of Department

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Beate Marie Kristensen

Beate Marie Kristensen

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