Program 21. - 22. october 2021

Symposium: Movement, Learning and Pedagogy - A contemporary perspective

Day One

8.30 – 9.00 Welcome Address- Reidar Säfvenbom and James Rudd

9.00-11.00 Part 1: Theoretical Position of Movement, Learning and Pedagogy

Presentation 1: Moving away from dualisms in Physical Education and Sport Science: Embracing both generality and specificity in learning and practice.

Presenter: Keith Davids, Sheffield Hallam University & Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Presentation 2: “Bildung” as a prime concept in Scandinavian PE and education. 

Presenter: Kenneth Aggerholm, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Presentation 3: Discovery (motor) learning in physical education and sports

Presenter: Håvard Loraas, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Break 11- 11.15am

11.30- 12.15

Presentation 4: Move-play-explore in Early Childhood Education

Presenter: Eyvind Aadland, The Western Norway University of Applied Sciences,

In conversation with James Rudd

Lunch  12.15- 13.30

13.30- 15.30 Part 2: The Norwegian PE and Sport Context 

Presentation 5: Framing Bodily Learning within an ecological perspective

Presenter: Monika Haga, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Presentation 6: The role of self-organized lifestyle sports in the everyday social ecology of movement contexts.

Presenter: Reidar Säfvenbom, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

Presentation 7: Exploring ecological dynamics in Physical Education Teacher Education

Presenter: Øyvind Bjerke, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Break 15.30-15.45

15.45- 16.15 Presentation 7: How contrasting theories of movement science can shape our understanding, and children’s experience, of physical education in schools

Presenter: James Rudd, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

19.30 Evening Social


Day 2:

8.00-10.00 Part 1: PhD and Early Career online research presentations

Break 9.30-10.15

10.15- 12.15 Part 2: Academic Conversations - Contemporary approaches to movement, learning and pedagogy

Presentation 1:  Enskiled inhabitant knowledge and its implications for educationalists

Presenter: Carl T Woods, Victoria University Australia

In conversation with Øyvind Bjerke and Keith Davids

Presentation 2: Ecological cognition: cognizant body, intelligent action.

Presenter: Presenter: Duarte Araújo, University of Lisbon Portugal

In conversation with Reidar Säfvenbom and Eyvind Aadland

Presentation 3: Teaching and Learning with Nonlinear Pedagogy

Presenter: Jia Yi Chow, National Institute of Education, Singapore

In conversation with Monika Haga and James Rudd

Lunch  12.15- 13.30

13.30-15.00 Part 3: Where we could go next…  

13.30 – 14.00pm Presentation 4: Exploration: An Overarching Focus for Holistic Development

Presenters: David Stodden and Caterina Pesce

University of South Carolina, University of Rome Italy

14.00-14.45 Future Direction

Round Table Discussion

Keith Davids, James Rudd, Monika Haga, Øyvind Bjerke, Eivind Adland, Reidar Säfvenbom, Caterina Pesce & David Stodden

14.45 – 15.00 Closing address