Andreas Wass Byfeldt

Eleiko Functinal trainer kurs (2 dagers kurs)

Eleiko Educator

Andreas is currently a coach at CrossFit Nordic, has been working as a personal trainer for almost a decade, and works with international level weightlifters. After spending years playing rugby, running, and wrestling, he fell in love with strength training and later CrossFit. When CrossFit first came to Sweden, Andreas got in the game early, serving as the head coach at CrossFit Solid. Over the years, Andreas has also served as a rugby strength coach, trained a variety of elite athletes, and coached at the CrossFit Games. Andreas teaches Eleiko Weightlifting for Athletes as well as Eleiko Strength Coach Int. He holds a variety of certifications including Lic Personal Trainer, Swedish Weightlifting Federation Coach Diploma, Eleiko Funtional Trainer, Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1, CrossFit Level 1, and CrossFit Mobility.