The Welcome-Week at NIH goes off the stack 13-18th of August. We have over 100 existing students who will help you through the first week as a new student.

We look forward to welcoming our students as part of the good community at NIH, both exchange and norwegian students. Our goal is for you to feel safe and included on your first week as a student at NIH.

Important information and changes in this program will be published on the Welcome-Week group on Facebook. Please follow the event in social media;
Facebook: facebook.com/nih.fadderuke


Tuesday, August 13th
09.00: Attendance for new students at the 1th year.
10.00: Attendance for new students at the 2nd year, PPU, FAF and master
10.30: Matriculation
11.30: Opening of Welcome-Week
12.30: Lunch in the cafeteria
13.00: Guided tour. Switch to exercise clothes! More information will come
14.00: Sports day on the football field! Get to know various competitions directed by the student associations (indoors if bad weather)
22.00: Opening party at the asphalt site at NIH (by the tennis court)

Wednesday, August 14th
11.00: 1th year bachelor and 'Idrett og samfunn'
Information from the study section
14.00: Volleyball tournament out on the sand volleyball court directed by the student association NIHI (indoors if bad weather)
16.00: 1500-meter cheersl!
18.00: Pub crawl
22.00: Party at Circus. Theme: SPORTS FANATIC 

Thursday, August 15th
14.00: BBQ at Sognsvann, direction by the student association GiGass.
22.00: Party at the asphalt site at NIH direction by the student associations Høydehuset and Sosiale NIH. Theme: ALOHA

Friday, August 16th
12.00: City Run in Oslo
20:00: Preparty and party at KJ10

Saturday, August 17th
Daytime: Optional arrangement for all groups
22.00: Closing party at the asphalt site at NIH (by the tennis court) Theme: NEON

Sunday, August 18th
14:00: Completion and nominations at NIH


Questions about the Welcome-Week?

Please contact Ingvild & Tor-Magnus 
Email: nih.fadderuke@gmail.com or send a message on Facebook: facebook.com/nih.fadderuke