Open lectures

Effects of β2-agonists in skeletal muscle and implications for exercise performance.



16. februar


Auditorium A




The lectures are part of the master program at Department of Physical Performance, and will present scientific data on the mechanisms of actions of β2-adrenergic receptors in skeletal muscles and effects of β2-agonists on physical performance. The lectures are scientific and will not debate the use of β2-agonists among skiers and other elite athletes.


14.15-15.00    Professor Jørgen Jensen: β2-Adrenergic receptors: What are their functions in skeletal muscles?

15.15-16.00    Dr. Morten Hostrup: Effects of β2-agonists in skeletal muscle and its implications for exercise performance.

The lectures are in English.

Praktisk informasjon

Dr. Morten Hostrup, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen, has during the past years conducted several studies showing that β2-agonists may improve physical performance in humans. His studies have also shown that β2-agonists have profound effects on skeletal muscle contractile function and ion handling. Hostrup's studies have attached significant interest. Currently, his research focuses on the interplay between metabolism and ion handling in relation to development of fatigue and exercise performance.

Professor Jørgen Jensen, Department of Physical Performance, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, has conducted many studies investigating β-adrenergic receptors in skeletal muscles and their role in metabolic regulation. These studies have shown that β-adrenergic receptors activate anabolic signalling molecules in skeletal muscles.