Experiences of European female sport students


Formell tittel

Gender relations in exercise and sports: Experiences of female university physical education and sport students in Czech Republic, Greece and Norway


The overall objective of this project is that the knowledge produced will be useful for those organizations, which are responsible for planning and organizing recreational and competitive sport for girls and women in the participating countries. In order to promote the physically active lifestyle as an advantageous one for girls and women it is important to become familiar with what todays participants are experiencing. Promoting involvement in activities that are not perceived as physically, socially and psychologically safe is definitely not in the scope of this project. More importantly though, the knowledge produced, will assist the States in protecting the human rights of all sport participants and in ensuring their welfare. A long-term effect should be that eventually more girls and women would become involved in sport at all levels and in all kinds of roles, such as in sport administration, refereeing, coaching, and as athletes.


The goal of this project is to develop knowledge and awareness on the influence and meaning of gender-relations in the lives of University students in physical education departments. This goal will be framed through the following research questions: 1. What are the major barriers for female participation in top-level and club sports? 2. What are the major barriers towards female involvement in sport administration and coaching? 3. What are the female athletes¿ and sport students¿ experiences with male and female coaches, instructors, physical educators, as well as male and female counterparts? 4. What is the amount of harassment experienced by female athletes and sport students, and what are the risk factors and consequences of being harassed for female athletes and sport students? Methods for datagathering are a questionnaire and qualitative interviews.