Forbedring av interkulturell kompetanse


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Learning the difference: On-the-job training of PE teachers, and its effect on upper secondary students


The project of Intercultural Movement Education was initiated by the author in 1995 at the German Sport University, Cologne as an interdisciplinary endeavour. Its aim was to search and develop a theoretical basis for a better (intercultural) conflict management and measures to enhance the intercultural competence of teachers and students (cf. Erdmann 1999). 


It consists of a sequence of research efforts with MA-thesis and coordinated doctorates. The doctoral dissertation of Per Midthaugen to be completed soon is the first attempt to complete the sequence from exploring the field, developing the theoretical conception, experiencing and testing activities and tasks (EU-Project (nr. 119019-CP-1-2004-1-DE-Comenius-C21), coordinated by Petra Giess-Stüber, University Freiburg), teacher training, conception, (Elke Grimminger), adapting the training conception to Norwegian conditions and exploring its effect on students (Per Midthaugen).


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