Cohesion and Motivation in high performance groups


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Cohesion and Motivation in high performance groups


Teamwork has most often been associated with positive effects regarding individuals’ efforts and performance. Studies have shown that teamwork leads to increased effort and performance, and reduced turnover. On the other hand, research also show that when people pool their contributions into group work, they achieve less than might be expected based on the sum of their individual abilities. One explanation for a reduction in potential productivity is loss of motivation. This reduction in motivation and effort when individuals work collectively, compared when they work individually, is described as social loafing. The Cohesion and Motivation in High Performance Groups is planned to involve several high performance groups from the military system, sport, business and politics. The objective of the study is to analyze how variance in team cohesion affects the team member’s attitude, motivation and contribution to the team.


Comparative study of data collected from several high performance groups in Norway.


Publikasjoner: Høigaard, R., Säfvenbom, R. & Tønneson, F.E. (2006). The Relationship between Group Cohesion, Group Norms and Perceived Social Loafing in Football teams. Small Group Research Vol 37, nr. 3 (217 – 233).