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1080 Vest


Development of a product that will make it possible to test, train and rehabilitate trunk function within the functional framework that the trunk has in any functional performance. This will allow for testing and training of trunk stability in functional standing positions, where the role on the trunk in relation to the rest of the body is maintained.


The coordination of the extremities as well as the relationship between the pelvis and thorax is dictated by the function of the abdominal and back muscles. This is important in daily life as well as in athletic performance. Today there are many methods used to train these muscles that are not necessarily functional, and therefore not specific to the functional task that they are meant to influence. Many, if not all of the methods, violate the principles that dictate function.

Based upon the principles function human movement and performance can be described as:

  • Three-dimensional movement and loads
  • An integrated chainreaction involving the entire body
  • Actively subconsciousIndividual

Training of the abdominal and back muscles must therefore be integrated with the rest of the body in a purposeful and functional manner. This kind of functionally specific training must give the body the mechanical and sensory input specific to the task that one is trying to have an effect on, whether that is in daily life or in athletic performance.

The purpose of this project is therefore to design and produce a product that will enable static and dynamic testing, training and rehabilitation of the trunk in an upright position with a high degree of specificity to human movement and performance.