Design and analysis of quantitative research: a casual inference perspective



11. - 12. juni


25. mai 2018






This course will consider the design and analysis of quantitative studies. The emphasis will be on the design and analysis of clinical trials, epidemiological studies, and laboratory-based biomedical research. A distinction will be made between studies whose objective is to understand causation (such as clinical trials, epidemiological studies of aetiology, and biomedical research into mechanisms) from studies of associations (such as prognostic studies or studies of diagnostic test accuracy). Participants will be introduced to contemporary approaches to estimating causal effects from experimental and observational studies. The course will assume that participants have a basic understanding of methods of statistical inference (such as hypothesis testing) and some familiarity with multiple linear regression. As far as possible that course will be interactive and will be tailored to the specific learning needs of course participants.

Each student is asked to prepare one research question from his/her PHD project and the design they are going to use to answer that question

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Foreleser: Professor Rob Herbert 

Tidspunkt: 11. og 12. juni 08.30-16.00