Quantiative methods - Measurements April 2021

Measurements in quantitative research - Quantitative methods part 2. Register for this course by 26th March.



19. - 29. april


26. mars 2021






Prerequisites prior to the start of the course:

The course will build on competence similar to the course in methodology from the master study at the Norwegian School Sport Sciences MET400. The students need to have knowledge and skills stated in the curriculum for MET400. See emneplan with compulsory and supplementary literature for the MET400 course 

Student assignments:

Before course start (deadline Thursday April 8th):

The students must write max one page including the following information:   

A few sentences with the planned overall aim /purpose of their PhD project, the study design, and the primary and secondary outcomes that will be included.

All students need to prepare an assignment for Day 4, April Thursday 29th, (see below):

All students should prepare a presentation on Day 4 of the course (a total of 30 minutes: 15 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion) of your included (one or more) measurements in your PhD project including: the measurement properties, design used to develop the measurements, and the applied statistical analyses used in the reliability and validity studies.



Monday April 19th: 0815 - 1100

Wednesday April 21st:  0815- 1100

Tuesday April 27th: 0815-1200

Thursday April 29th: 0815-1000

All course details (pdf) - updated with support material

See curriculum and information of the whole course in Studiehåndbok (emnekode PhD 646)


Praktisk informasjon

Lecturers: May Arna Risberg (IIM), Klavs Madsen (IFP), Marte Bentzen (ILF),  Chris Horbel (IIS),  Andreas Ivarsson (ILF), Are Hugo Pripp (OUS/UiO). 


Bindende påmelding til Kurspåmelding PhD NIH innen 26. mars