IT Services

As a student at NIH, you have access to IT services. The university has a wireless network and several computers available. You will also use a learning management system called Canvas and the StudentWeb for course information.

Password and username

New users will receive a username and password at the start of their studies at NIH. Your username and password are the same for logging on to NIH's computers, to Canvas and to your student e-mail. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your student mail, via Outlook Web App, all over the world.

Available Computer

You can find computers in rooms 006 and 007, at the Library and in U3 (computer room). Remember to always log off when leaving the computer.

These clients connect to our terminal servers where you will have access to the Internet, your mail account, your home folder and printers. Available applications are Office (Word, Excel, Power Point etc.), SPSS, Adobe Reader and several other applications used for teaching purposes. It is not possible to run other applications than those shown on the desktop or the Start-menu.

Wireless network access

You can access the wireless network named "Eudoram" with the same username and password as mentioned above. The network is encrypted with WPA.


When printing, always choose "Fil> Skriv ut" from the menu. Select the printer you want to use, go to the printer and put your printing card in the machine. Then choose your transcript from the panel. For the Ricoh printer in the Library there is a different routine. You will find the manual beside the printer.


StudentWeb is a web service for students at NIH. Here you can see what courses you are registered to, check your results on the exams, change your PIN code and change your home address (semester address in Oslo). For entering StudentWeb, use a special birth number you get from the Study Department and a PIN code (4 numbers).


Canvas is NIHs e-learning system and is used by both students and staff. Canvas is an online system where you as a student can communicate with lecturers and other students in the class. In Canvas there will be posted lecture notes and assignments in connection with teaching, and that it is a place do your assignments (i.e., exams, essays, group projects etc.). To enter Canvas, use the same username and password you use to connect to the wifi and our computers.