Username and password

You will need your own username and password to access computers, your email/Office 365, VPN, wifi, Canvas and other services with FEIDE authentication.

You can find your username, change or reset the password through our password services,

  • create/reset password
  • change password
  • find username


If you haven't received your username, or forgot it, click "Forgotten username".

Create or reset password

  1. Click the "Forgotten password" link.
  2. Enter the username. If you don't remember it, click on the "Find username" link.
  3. Enter the phone number registrered in the student- or HR system.
  4. You should now receive a text mesage with a code you can enter on the website.
  5. Create a password that fulfill the requirements described on the website and verify.

It can take up to 35 minutes before the password has been updated in all systems.

Change password

Password can only be changed via It has to be changed once a year, and a reminder will be sent to your NIH email a month before deadline.

Forgotten password

Reset your password through > Forgotten password.