New student or employee

As a new user you will receive a text message with your username. Use this when you create a password with the requirements listed on the password website.

  • create/reset password
  • change password
  • find username

Your user account is used when you log into Canvas, e-mail (students | employees), Office 365, VPN, the schools computers, wireless network (eduroam), WISEflow, StudentWeb (students) and other FEIDE based services.

When you create a password you start using the IT systems at NIH, and this means that you accept the terms of the IT-rules (students | employees).

Create password

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "New user" link.
  3. Enter the username in the text message you received. If you haven't received a text message, click on the "Find username" link.
  4. Enter the phone number registrered in the student- or HR system.
  5. You should now receive a text mesage with a code you can enter on the website.
  6. Create a password that fulfill the requirements described on the website and verify.


It can take up to 35 minutes before the password has been updated in all systems.

Forgotten username or password

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Forgotten username" or "Forgotten password" link.

If you experience problems with the service

You are required to have your mobile phone number registered in StudentWeb or in the HR system (SAP/ESS). The system will attempt to send you a text message daily for 7 days after you have registered as a student. For employees there will only be one attempt.