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Here are last month's Cristin registrations. The list contains the publications that meets the requirements for DBH reporting.

June-July 2019

Berntsen, Hedda Helene, Kristiansen, Elsa. Successful coach learning: Digital workbook informed by pedagogical principles. International journal of sports science & coaching 2019 ;Volum 14.(3) s.310-323

Berntsen, Kristin Schjander; Edvardsen, Elisabeth; Hansen, Bjørge Hermann; Flatø, Berit; Sjaastad, Ivar; Sanner, Helga. Cardiorespiratory fitness in long-term juvenile dermatomyositis: A controlled, cross-sectional study of active/inactive disease. Rheumatology 2019 ;Volum 58.(3) s.492-501

DePhillipo, Nicholas; Engebretsen, Lars; LaPrade, Robert F. Current Trends Among US Surgeons in the Identification, Treatment, and Time of Repair for Medial Meniscal Ramp Lesions at the Time of ACL Surgery. The Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 ;Volum 7.(2) s.1-5

DePhillipo, Nicholas; Zeigler, Connor G.; Dekker, Travis J.; Grantham, W. Jeffrey; Aman, Zachary S.; Kennedy, Mitchell I.; LaPrade, Robert F. Lateral Posterior Tibial Slope in Male and Female Athletes Sustaining Contact Versus Noncontact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears: A Prospective Study. American Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 s. –

Fasting, Kari. Sport, gender and development. I: The business and culture of sports: society, politics, economy, environment. Gale 2019 ISBN 978-0-028-66503-0 s. 355-369

Filbay, Stephanie R; Grindem, Hege. Evidence-based recommendations for the management of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture. Baillière's Best Practice & Research : Clinical Rheumatology 2019 s.1-15

Gebremariam, Mekdes Kebede; Arah, Onyebuchi A.; Bergh, Ingunn Holden; Andersen, Lene Frost; Ommundsen, Yngvar; Totland, Torunn Holm; Bjelland, Mona; Grydeland, May; Lien, Nanna. Gender-specific mediators of the association between parental education and adiposity among adolescents: the HEIA study. Scientific Reports 2019 s. – 

Green, Kenneth Stanley; Sigurjonsson, Thorsteinn Josef; Skille, Eivind. Introduction. I: Sport in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. Routledge 2019 ISBN 978-1-138-05215-4. s.1-15

Green, Kenneth Stanley; Sigurjonsson, Thorsteinn Josef; Skille, Eivind. Conclusion. I: Sport in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. Routledge 2019 ISBN 978-1-138-05215-4. s.173-204 

Haraldsen, Heidi Marian; Halvari, Halgeir; Solstad, Bård Erlend; Abrahamsen, Frank Eirik; Nordin-Bates, Sanna M. The Role of Perfectionism and Controlling Conditions in Norwegian Elite Junior Performers’ Motivational Processes. Frontiers in Psychology 2019 ;Volum 10.(June)

Hordvik, Mats Melvold; MacPhail, Ann; Ronglan, Lars Tore. Negotiating the complexity of teaching: a rhizomatic consideration of pre-service teachers’ school placement experiences. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy 2019 s. -

Ibsen, Bjarne; Elmose-Østerlund, Karsten; Feiler, Svenja; Breuer, Christoph; Seippel, Ørnulf; Van der Roest, Jan-Willem; Scheerder,Jeroen. Democratic Participation in Voluntary Associations: A Multilevel Analysis of Sports Clubs in Europe. VOLUNTAS - International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 2019. s -

Jahre, Anette B.; Bere, Elling Tufte; Nordengen, Solveig; Solbraa, Ane Kristiansen; Andersen, Lars Bo; Riiser, Amund; Bjørnarå, Helga Birgit. Public employees in South-Western Norway using an e-bike or a regular bike for commuting – A cross-sectional comparison on sociodemographic factors, commuting frequency and commuting distance. Preventive Medicine Reports 2019 ;Volum 14. s. -

Jenum, Anne Karen; Brekke, Idunn; Mdala, Ibrahimu; Muilwijk, Mirthe; Ramachandran, Ambady; Kjøllesdal, Marte Karoline Råberg; Andersen, Eivind; Richardsen, Kåre Rønn; Douglas, Anne; Cezard, Genevieve; Sheikh, Aziz; Celis-Morales, Carlos; M. R. Gill, Jason; S. Bhopal, Raj; Beune, Erik; Stronks, Karien; Vandvik, Per Olav; G. M. van Valkengoed, Irene. Effects of dietary and physical activity interventions on the riskof type 2 diabetes in South Asians: meta-analysis of individualparticipant data from randomised controlled trials. Diabetologia 2019

Jordalen, Gro; Lemyre, Nicolas; Durand-Bush, Natalie. Interplay of motivation and self-regulation throughout the development of elite athletes. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health 2019 s. –

Jørgensen, Helene; Lemyre, Pierre-Nicolas; Holt, Nicholas. Multiple Learning Contexts and the Development of Life Skills Among Canadian Junior National Team Biathletes. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 2019

Kennedy, Mitchell I.; Bernhardson, Andrew S.; Moatshe, Gilbert; Buckley, Patrick S.; Engebretsen, Lars; LaPrade, Robert F. Fibular Collateral Ligament/ Posterolateral Corner Injury: When to Repair, Reconstruct, or Both. Clinics in Sports Medicine 2019 ;Volum 38.(2) s.261-274

Koivisto, Anu; Olsen, Thomas; Paur, Ingvild; Paulsen, Gøran; Bastani, Nasser Ezzatkhah; Garthe, Ina; Raastad, Truls; Matthews, Jason; Blomhoff, Rune; Bøhn, Siv Kjølsrud. Effects of antioxidant-rich foods on altitude-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in elite endurance athletes: A randomized controlled trial. PLoS ONE 2019 ;Volum 14.(6)

Kårhus, Svein. Pedagogization of elite sport in the school system: vested interests and dominant discourses. Sport, Education and Society 2019 ;Volum 24.(1) s.13-24

Li, Chunxiao; Zhu, Yuxin; Zhang, Mengge; Gustafsson, Henrik; Chen, Tao. Mindfulness and athlete burnout: A systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2019 ;Volum 16:449.(3) s.1-13

Limb, Elizabeth S.; Ahmad, Shaleen; Cook, Derek G.; Kerry, Sally M.; Ekelund, Ulf; Whincup, Peter H.; Victor, Christina R.; Iliffe, Steve; Ussher, Michael; Fox-Rushby, Julia; Furness, Cheryl; Ibison, Judith; DeWilde, Stephen; Harris, Tess. Measuring change in trials of physical activity interventions: A comparison of self-report questionnaire and accelerometry within the PACE-UP trial 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1117 Public Health and Health Services. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2019 ;Volum 16.(10 )s. –

Loland, Sigmund; McNamee, Michael John. The ‘spirit of sport’, WADAs code review, and the search for an overlapping consensus. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics 2019 s. -

McGuckian, Thomas B.; Cole, Michael H.; Chalkley, Daniel; Jordet, Geir; Pepping, Gert-Jan. Visual Exploration When Surrounded by Affordances: Frequency of Head Movements Is Predictive of Response Speed. Ecological psychology 2019 ;Volum 31.(1) s.30-48

Melau, Jørgen; Mathiassen, Maria; Stensrud, Trine; Tipton, Mike; Hisdal, Jonny. Core Temperature in Triathletes during Swimming with Wetsuit in 10 °C Cold Water. Sports 2019 s. -

Migueles, Jairo H.; Cadenas-Sanchez, Cristina; Tudor-Locke, Catrine; Löf, Marie; Esteban-Cornejo, Irene; Molina-Garcia, Pablo; Mora-Gonzalez, Jose; Rodriguez-Ayllon, Maria; Garcia-Marmol, Eduardo; Ekelund, Ulf; Ortega, Francisco B. Comparability of published cut-points for the assessment of physical activity: Implications for data harmonization. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 2019 ;Volum 29.(4) s.566-574

Nilsen, Ada Kristine Ofrim; Anderssen, Sigmund Alfred; Resaland, Geir Kåre; Johannessen, Kjersti; Ylvisåker, Einar; Aadland, Eivind. Boys, older children, and highly active children benefit most from the preschool arena regarding moderate-to-vigorous physical activity: A crosssectional study of Norwegian preschoolers. Preventive Medicine Reports 2019 ;Volum 14. s. -

Nordengen, Solveig; Andersen, Lars Bo; Solbraa, Ane Kristiansen; Riiser, Amund. Cycling is associated with a lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases and death: Part 1 – systematic review of cohort studies with metaanalysis. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 s. –

Nordengen, Solveig; Andersen, Lars Bo; Solbraa, Ane Kristiansen; Riiser, Amund. Cycling and cardiovascular disease risk factors including body composition, blood lipids and cardiorespiratory fitness analysed as continuous variables: Part 2—systematic review with meta-analysis. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 s. -

Næss, Ingrid; Frawley, Helena C.; Bø, Kari. Motor function and perception of health in women with provoked Vestibulodynia. Journal of Sexual Medicine 2019

Patel, Satish; Álvarez-Guaita, Anna; Melvin, Audrey; Rimmington, Debra; Dattilo, Alessia; Miedzybrodzka, Emily L.; Cimino, Irene; Maurin, Anne-Catherine; Roberts, Geoffrey P.; Meek, Claire L.; Virtue, Samuel; Sparks, Lauren M.; Parsons, Stephanie A.; Redman, Leanne M.; Bray, George A.; Liou, Alice P.; Woods, Rachel M.; Parry, Sion A.; Jeppesen, Per Bendix; Kolnes, Anders Jensen; Harding, Heather P.; Ron, David; Vidal-Puig, Antonio; Reimann, Frank; Gribble, Fiona M.; Hulston, Carl J.; Farooqi, I. Sadaf; Fafournoux, Pierre; Smith, Steven R.; Jensen, Jørgen; Breen, Danna; Wu, Zhidan; Zhang, Bei B.; Coll, Anthony P.; Savage, David B.; O'Rahilly, Stephen. GDF15 provides an endocrine signal of nutritional stress in mice and humans. Cell Metabolism 2019 ;Volum 29.(3) s.707-718

Paulsen, Gøran; Eidsheim, Hedda Ø.; Helland, Christian; Seynnes, Olivier R.; Solberg, Paul Andre; Rønnestad, Bent. Eccentric cycling does not improve cycling performance in amateur cyclists. PLoS ONE 2019 ;Volum 14:e0208452.(1) s.1-15

Piira, Anu Mirjam; Lannem, Anne M.; Sørensen, Marit; Glott, Thomas; Knutsen, Raymond; Jørgensen, Lone; Gjesdal, Knut; Hjeltnes, Nils; Knutsen, Synnøve Fønnebø. Manually assisted body-weight supported locomotor training does not re-establish walking in non-walking subjects with chronic incomplete spinal cord injury: A randomized clinical trial. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2019 ;Volum 51.(2) s.113-119

Rustad, Hilde. Contact improvisation and dance narratives - body memory and embodied knowledge. På Spissen 2019 ;Volum 5.(2) s. 28-45

Sandvik, Morten Renslo. Sport, stories and morality: a Rortyan approach to doping ethics. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 2019 

Scott, Alex; LaPrade, Robert F.; Harmon, Kimberly G.; Filardo, Giuseppe; Kon, Elizaveta; Villa, Stefano Della; Bahr, Roald; Moksnes, Håvard; Torgalsen, Thomas; Lee, Jenny; Dragoo, Jason L.; Engebretsen, Lars. Platelet-Rich Plasma for Patellar Tendinopathy: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Leukocyte-Rich PRP or Leukocyte-Poor PRP Versus Saline. American Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 ;Volum 47.(7) s. 1654-1661

Seippel, Ørnulf; Skille, Eivind. Sports participation in Norway. I: Sport in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. Routledge 2019 ISBN 978-1-138-05215-4. s.108-135

Stamatakis, Emmanuel; Koster, Annemarie; Hamer, Mark; Rangul, Vegar; Lee, I-Min; Bauman, Adrian; Atkin, Andrew J; Aadahl, Mette; Matthews, Charles E; Mork, Paul Jarle; Askie, Lisa; Cistulli, Peter; Granat, Malcolm; Palm, Peter; Crowley, Patrick; Stevens, Matthew L; Gupta, Nidhi; Pulakka, Anna; Stenholm, Sari; Arvidsson, Daniel; Mishra, Gita D; Wennberg, Patrik; Chastin, Sebastien; Ekelund, Ulf; Holtermann, Andreas.
Emerging collaborative research platforms for the next generation of physical activity, sleep and exercise medicine guidelines: the Prospective Physical Activity, Sitting, and Sleep consortium (ProPASS). British Journal of Sports Medicine 2019

Stamatakis, Emmanuel; Gale, Joanne; Bauman, Adrian; Ekelund, Ulf; Hamer, Mark; Ding, Ding. Sitting Time, Physical Activity, and Risk of Mortality in Adults. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 2019 ;Volum 73.(16) s.2062-2072

Thoma, Louise M.; Grindem, Hege; Logerstedt, David; Axe, Michael; Engebretsen, Lars; Risberg, May Arna; Snyder-Mackler, Lynn. Coper Classification Early After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture Changes With Progressive Neuromuscular and Strength Training and Is Associated With 2-Year Success: The Delaware-Oslo ACL Cohort Study. American Journal of Sports Medicine 2019 ;Volum 47.(4) s.807-814

Tierney, Gregory J.; Gildea, Kevin; Krosshaug, Tron; Simms, Ciaran K. Analysis of ball carrier head motion during a rugby union tackle without direct head contact: A case study. International journal of sports science &coaching 2019 ;Volum 14.(2) s.190-196

Väistö, Juuso; Haapala, Eero A.; Viitasalo, Anna; Schnurr, Theresia M.; Kilpeläinen, Tuomas O.; Karjalainen, Panu; Westgate, Kate; Lakka, Hanna-Maaria; Laaksonen, David E.; Ekelund, Ulf; Brage, Søren; Lakka, Timo A. Longitudinal associations of physical activity and sedentary time with cardiometabolic risk factors in children. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 2019 ;Volum 29.(1) s.113-123

Waddington, Ivan; Møller, Verner. WADA at twenty: old problems and old thinking? International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics 2019 s.-

Wyke, Sally; Bunn, Christopher; Andersen, Eivind; Silva, Marlene N.; van Nassau, Femke; McSkimming, Paula; Kolovos, Spyros; Gill, Jason M.R.; Gray, Cindy M.; Hunt, Kate; Anderson, Annie S.; Bosmans, Judith; Jelsma, Judith G.M.; Kean, Sharon; Lemyre, Nicolas; Loudon, David W.; Macaulay, Lisa; Maxwell, Douglas J.; McConnachie, Alex; Mutrie, Nanette; Nijhuis-van der Sanden, Maria W. G.; Pereira, Hugo V.; Philpott, Matthew; Roberts, Glyn; Rooksby, John; Røynesdal, Øystein; Sattar, Naveed; Sørensen, Marit; Teixeira, Pedro J.; Treweek, Shaun; van Achterberg, Theo; van de Glind, Irene; van Mechelen, Willem; van der Ploeg, Hidde P. The effect of a programme to improve men's sedentary time and physical activity: The european fans in training (EuroFIT) randomised controlled trial. Nature Methods 2019 ;Volum 16.(2)

Ørbæk, Trine; Engelsrud, Gunn Helene. Skapende dans i en skolekontekst – et forskningsfelt?. På Spissen 2019 ;Volum 5.(2) s. 4-26

Aasland, Erik; Walseth, Kristin; Engelsrud, Gunn Helene. The constitution of the ‘able’ and ‘less able’ student in physical education in Norway. Sport, Education and Society 2019 s. -