Publishing and open access

When publishing an article, you have to choose journal and check out the possibility of open access. You must also follow the funders' requirements for open publication (The Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian government).

Open access journals = journals with free, unrestricted online access to all articles (the authors have paid APC - article processing charges).

Hybrid journals = subscription-based journals that allow authors to make individual articles gold open access immediately on payment of an article publication charge.

Choice of journal
Publish and read agreements
Open access-fund
Discount on the publishing fee - Frontiers and MDPI 
Funders' requirements

Choice of journal

It is important to choose a journal that is approved at level 1 or 2, so that NIH gets a score for the article. You can check out the journal level by searching for the journal in NSD's register of scientific publishing channels.

  • Open access journals
    If you choose an open access journal, and it is registered in NSD's register, you can  expect it to be a quality journal. 
  • Open access-publishing (open access and hybrid)
    Once you have chosen a journal, it is preferable that the article is published open access. This can be done by selecting a journal in our publish and read agreements. If it's not there, you can apply to get the APC financed by the open access-fund (not for hybrid journals).

Publish and read agreements

NIH has agreements with the publishers Elsevier, Taylor & Francis and Springer which allow researchers to publish articles open access without APC / author fees in a number of journals.

What do you have to do? When submitting an article, choose open access and include NIH as your affiliation. The library will receive an email from the publisher and approve open access.
Contact Elin Hecker at the library if you have any questions.

Open access-fund

Funds will be allocated consecutively on a "first come first served"-principle.
NB! The fund will only support articles in open access journals (see  glossary on your right hand side).

  • Send your application when the article is accepted
  • Corresponding author must have NIH as author affiliation in the article
  • The journal has to be approved at level 1 or 2 in NSD Database
  • The journal has to be open access (not hybrid), and it has to be registered in DOAJ

More information can be found in the guidelines [pdf, in Norwegian]. Contact Elin Hecker at the library if you have any questions.

Discount on the publishing fee

  • Frontiers
    In 2021 we get a 10% discount on the publishing fee (APC) for journals published by Frontiers. All the publications from Frontiers are open access journals - click here for a list of journals.
  • MDPI
    In 2021 we get a 10% discount on the publishing fee (APC) for journals published by MDPI. All the publications from MPDIare open access journals.

Funders' requirements

  • The Research Council of Norway
    From 2021, Plan S applies: All scholarly publications on the results from research funded by the Research Council, must be made open access immediately from the time of publication. This can by done either by publishing in Open Access Journals, on Open Access Platforms, or made immediately available through Open Access Repositories without embargo. NIH has got the repository Brage.

    How can you check that you comply with the Research Council's demand? Search the Journal Checker Tool (remember to ensure that the journal is approved at level 1 or 2). Type in the journal name or ISSN, the funders name and your institutional affiliation.
  • The Norwegian government
    In 2017, the Government launched the National goals and
    guidelines for open access to research articles [pdf] with the aim of making all publicly funded Norwegian research articles openly available by 2024.