Convert from RefMan to EndNote

In EndNote you can open and convert RefMan 12-files.

Start EndNote and choose from the top menu:

  1. File -> Open -> Open Library

  2. Choose file type: "Reference Manager Databases (* .rmd)"
    Locate the RefMan-file you would like to convert, and mark it (with file extension .rmd). Click "Open".

  3. In the displayed window, choose "Convert".

  4. Choose name and file path for the new EndNote-library that is made, and click "Save". You can manually link certain reference types and fields in RefMan to certain reference types and fields in EndNote by choosing "Customize". This can come in handy if you have made customized reference types and fields you would like to keep, like your own keywords.

  5. Save the new EndNote-library by clicking "Save" in the window "Save Converted Library as". The library get the same name as the RefMan-library had.

  6. When the conversion is complete, a box is displayed in EndNote asking "Would you like to convert your file attachment links to relative for this EndNote Library?" By clicking "Yes" the file attachments from your RefMan-library will be linked to the references in your new EndNote-library. Ref ID-numbers in RefMan are copied to the Label-field in EndNote.

Contact Karianne Hasledalen at the Library if you have any questions.