Change settings before starting to use EndNote

Change settings before starting to use EndNote

Open or create a new library
Start EndNote, open an existing library or make a new library:

  • Open a library: File -> Open -> Open Library
  • Create a new library: File -> New...
    Name the library and choose where to save it - the computer's harddisk or a memory stick (do not use cloud storage)

Configure the duplicate controll by clicking the following: 
- Windows: Edit > Preferences > Duplicates
- Mac: EndNote >Preferences>Duplicates

This window is displayed:
Picture showing how to configure the duplicate controll in EndNote

  • Tick off Volume and Issue in the box (author, title and year is already ticked off).
  • You can also choose what information you want to be displayed in the library, like author, year of publication and title. Choose Display Fields in the left hand menu.

Click OK or Apply to finish.