Reading room

The reading room is separated from the library and have different opening hours: Weekdays 8:00 to 21:30 / Saturday and Sunday 9:00 to 17:00.

Rules in the Reading room

§ 1
The Reading room is open to all students at NIH. If there is available seats, students from other educational institutions can use the room.

§ 2
The Reading room is a quiet zone - please do not talk. Do not let your PC use disturb others.

§ 3
The Reading room's opening hours are posted outside the hall, and you have to leave the room before closing time.

§ 4
It is not possible to reserve a permanent seat in the reading room. Only 2nd year Master students and those who are in the process of completing the task after 2nd year can get a permanent seat (in the innermost part of the room). Contact the Library.

§ 5
You have to clean the desk and seat when leaving for the day.

§ 6
You are not allowed to eat in the Reading room.