The library is open to students and staff at NIH Monday - Friday 8:30-15.

  • You can borrow and return books at the self-service machine, get IT support, print from your own PC, copy and ask the librarian/library assistants if you have any questions.
  • Unfortunately you cannot sit and read / work in the library or use the desktops. Therefore, be sure to bring your own laptop if you are looking for literature or print something.
  • Other guidance are arranged and executed by e-mail (, telephone, or via Zoom.
  • Because the library now is open, you can no longer order and retrieve books in Servicetorget.


When in the library, remember:

  • Keep at least one meter distance.
  • No physical close contact.
  • Good hand hygiene before and after visiting the library.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact on books and other surfaces.
  • Use hand disinfection before and after using the lending machine and copier
  • Follow the authority's advice and guidance for infection control.
  • Do not stay in the library if you have respiratory symptoms or feel ill.