NIH may lose access to approx. 2000 journals in ScienceDirect

This is a result of difficult negotiations between UNIT and the publisher Elsevier. It also applies to all universities and university colleges in Norway.

Norwegian universities and university colleges have agreements with several academic publishers on access to scientific literature. Currently, several such agreements are being renegotiated with focus on Norway’s National goals and guidelines for open access to scientific articles. This maintains that all Norwegian, publicly funded scientific articles must be open access by 2024, and this goal must be reached without an increase in cost.

Current negotiations with certain publishers are not showing sufficient movement towards open access. Because of this, all universities and university colleges in Norway may lose access to approx. 2000 journals in ScienceDirect (publisher: Elsevier). 

At the moment we don't know what or how much we lose access to.

How do you get the articles?

NIH downloads approx. 20.000 articles from ScienceDirect every year. The library will not be able to order this amount, and we need your help:

  1. Check if you can access the article in SCIENCEDIRECT
  2. Install UNPAYWALL or OPEN ACCESS BUTTON in the browser Chrome. When you search for articles on the Internet, these applications try to find open access-versions of the article(s).
  3. Contact the author and ask for a copy of the article. Researchers can share their articles with others - scholarly sharing: "authors may share their Published Journal Article privately with known students or colleagues for their personal use, but they cannot share it  publicly (for example ResearchGate or"

  4. Ask the library to order the article. Place an order in Oria.

You'll find more information at
Contact the library – or drop by - and we'll try to help you.