Journals from ScienceDirect

Access to journals in ScienceDirect will maintain, and the new agreement opens for more open access-publishing.

Figure holding a megaphone. Illustration.

NIH will have access to the journals in ScienceDirect during the contract period, initially for 2 years.

The agreement entails a new framework for collaboration on open access by allowing Norwegian researchers to publish their articles openly at no extra cost in the vast majority of Elsevier's journals.

The library has access to the new agreement, and awaits further information from  Unit on how we and other professional and research institutions will manage it in practice.

The Library's information about open access will be updated when new routines are established.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the agreement.

Questions regarding publishing in Elsevier's journals can be directed to Elin Hecker ( This applies to both future publications, and publications from earlier in 2019.