Lending rules

Students/staff at NIH and individuals over 18 years are welcome to borrow books from the library and use the collections and online services on-site.

Students who have got the Studentbevis app, still have to bring their student card in order to borrow books and print out.

With no cost, students and staff can order articles and books the library doesn't have, in Oria.

If you as an individual don't have the opportunity to visit the library, you have to order books and articles through your public library or the National Library of Norway. All patrons must bring their Library card, or other proof of identity, when they want to borrow books.

  1. For students at NIH the student card is the Library card. Members of staff use their employee card.

  2. All borrowers are obliged to give notice of change of address, also changes in e-mail address and phone. Students have to change their address in StudentWeb.

  3. You can borrow a book for six weeks, but parts of the collections may have a shorter lending period.

  4. Books from the curriculum collection (pensum) have a one day lending period (dagslån) and cannot be reserved. The books have to be returned before the school's closing time. Violation of this rule may result in suspension of the lending rights. Do you return the book 1 day too late, you get 1 day suspension etc.

  5. You may renew a loan up to 3 times if there are no other requests for that particular book. One can renew through MY ACCOUNT in Oria.

  6. The book must be presented in the library if one still wants to borrow the book after 3 renewals.

  7. Overdue books must be delivered immediately. When the 3rd overdue reminder is sent, the lending rights are suspended until the loan is returned or compensation is paid.

  8. If it is not possible to renew books borrowed from other libraries via MY ACCOUNT in Oria, the books can not be renewed. It is assumed that the library's own lending rules are followed.

  9. Newspapers and journals are not available for loan. You may take photocopies instead.

  10. Each borrower is responsible for all books that are borrowed in his/her name.

  11. In case of loss or damage you are obliged to pay a compensation. The standard compensation fee for lost books is NOK 250,- plus the price of the book.

  12. If these terms are violated, you may lose the right to borrow books or use other services in the library.