You must document the literature you use, because it is important to acknowledge the contribution of other authors, and your readers should be able to find the sources you are referring to.

There are some changes from the previous edition (APA 6), including:

  • Do not use "retrieved" when referring to web pages in your reference list (page 64 in the APA manual).
  • Do not include location in your reference list when referring to books. ONLY publisher! (page 25 in the APA manual).
  • New rules when referring to 3 or more authors (page 6 in the APA manual).
  • Preferably include page numbers, not just for direct quotation (page 5, under Paraphrasing in the APA manual, and page 3-4).

The APA manual is the standard for the APA style in Norway, and we encourage everyone to use this. Examples and guidelines in the Norwegian standard:

NB! The Citation Compass is based on the APA manual, so remember to check that the date in The Citation Compass is newer than the date in the APA manual.

selvplagieringlite.gif Selvplagiering - what is it and how do you avoid it?

 Do you use APA in Word? 

You must have APA 7. ALWAYS check that the reference matches Kildekompasset (or in the APA manual). If you do not enter the correct components (book, chapter, website, law, etc.) in APA in Word, then it will be incorrect.

 Tables, figures and pictures

Are you planning to reproduce a figure or a table from another source? Contact the publisher and ask whether you need permission from any of the copyright owners.