Online courses

Students from partner institutions can take online courses at NIH, free of charge.

Program information

Application Deadline

June 15 (fall semester)/ November 15 (spring semester)


Free for students from partner institutions

Online courses


NIH offers various online courses dealing with contemporary issues in sport management.

Content of the courses comprise project planning and management processes in different contexts, such as the organizing of sporting events, policymaking and practice in anti-doping and sustainability. The courses will enable the students to identify and critically discuss various organizational issues, opportunities and challenges from different perspectives: individual, group-, organizational and societal level.

The courses are designed for great flexibility in which you can decide when you want to start after confirmed admission.

The courses are module-based, giving the students the flexibility to decide when to complete each module, within the time-frame of the semester. The online home exam is planned for the end of the semester. Students can choose if they wish to take all, or just some of the courses per semester.

General information

It will be possible to apply for online courses beginning May (for fall semester), or October (for spring semester).

If you are interested in taking online courses at NIH, you need to contact the international office at your university and have them nominate you. Once you have been nominated you will receive an email on how to proceed and complete your application.

When completing your application, you apply for the package consisting of all courses offered in the upcoming semester.

When you register for classes prior to the start of the semester, you sign up for the online course(s) and exam(s) of your choosing. 

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