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Practical information

After you are accepted as an exchange student, there are certain things you need to organize before your arrival in Norway. We ask you to read the information carefully when planning your semester with us.

Important dates for international students coming to NIH.

There are many options for housing in Oslo, but most international, exchange students prefer living in student housing close to NIH.

When coming to NIH and Norway, exchange students must check what requirements they have with the authorities.

Although there are no tuition or semester fees for our exchange students, please note that the rumour is true: Norway is an expensive country to live in.

All incoming students need to have their own health insurance. It is important that you have it prior to your arrival as you need the documentation of your student resident permit and , if applicable, a visa. European health insurance card and/ or private health insurance is required.

Incoming exchange/ study abroad students to NIH have the opportunity to learn Norwegian while studying in Oslo.

Students from countries with a high occurrence of tuberculosis are obligated to undergo tuberculosis testing if they intend to stay more than three months in Norway.