Career opportunities

Our students choose a degree from NIH with their head and heart. Working with people, sports and physical activity provides joy and motivation.

A degree from the Norwegian School of Sport Science prepares you for exciting and wide-ranging opportunities. We believe that what you learn in the classroom is as important as what you learn outside the classroom. NIH helps you to create your own personal experiences from a diverse and multicultural environment. 

Immerse yourself in topics that interest you and you can create your own career opportunities, too. NIH offers several different electives that can lead you into many different directions.  Our alumni have found work as:

  • teachers in schools
  • organizers and coaches for sport federations
  • trainers and physiologists for elite althetes 
  • project managers in the public and private sectors 
  • tour leaders and operators for outdoor life and adventure
  • researchers, technicians and professors for laboratories, universities and colleges