Mission statement

The student council represents and advocates for NIH students.

Student Council

Consists of five members who each represent the students in various committees internally and externally. They are the link between the students and the administration and faculty. To perform the job in a satisfactory manner, the Council involves elected members. 

The Student Council also ensures student involvement by hosting different debates and motivational lectures. 

Key points:

  • Represents students internally and externally.
  • Sitting in various positions and has influence in many areas. For example, at NIH university board meetings, welfare committee, study committee, the genderequality committee, the learning environment committee, canteen selection and appointment committee. 
  • Grant money, and coordinate the various associations of the school. 
  • We work a lot with communication and acts as a communication channel. 
  • Jobs that relevant information should reach out to the students. 
  • Leader representative scheme through forums and union meetings. 

If you have any questions, or you have something you would like to discuss with us, contact us at: nihstudentstyret@gmail.com