Sport and Sustainability

This web-based course is for everyone who wants to gain better understanding of sustainable development. More specific, you will learn about sustainability and its relevance for sports, on individual and organizational level. The course will provide insights into relevant theories and how they can be applied in the analysis of issues and challenges connected to sustainability and sport.

Program information

Application Deadline

Aug. 1 (fall)/ Dec. 1 (spring)

Study Plan

Sport and Sustainability




Semesteravgift kr 840,-


Admission Requirements

Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English.

Application Code

2306 (NO)/2307 (ENG)



The main aim of the web-based course is to gain knowledge on sustainability and its relevance for sport organisations and their stakeholders. This knowledge will be useful for students performing in all kind of roles in sport organisations, public administration, private sector and schools. The course includes six different and interrelating modules.

  • Module 1: Sustainability and sustainable development: definitions and history
  • Module2: The Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations
  • Module 3: The environmental dimension
  • Module 4: The social dimension
  • Module 5: The economic dimension
  • Module 6: Sustainability strategies and implementation within sport organizations

Program structure

The online course is built on six modules. The modules consist of written text and video-clips which also include tests and encourage reflection on different topics.

All pages in each module must be completed. The online-learning platform "Canvas" will automatically control the progress. At the end of every module, the student must submit a reflection-note about a topic assigned by the responsible course leader. The reflection note will be evaluated with pass / fail. All reflection notes must be passed in order to sign up the final home exam.

The final home exam exists of three or four different questions. The word limit for answering the questions is 5000 words. The exam period will last 3 weeks. Given grade A-F.

The exam period will be announced in Canvas and will be in May/June (spring) and November/Desember (autumn).

General information

This study is open for exteral students.

The course is designed that you may decide when you want to start after confirmed study admission.

The course accounts for 10 ECTS and can be incorporated in a Bachelor degree at other universities. However, as student, you must inform yourself about the possibilities and procedures at your home institutions.

Please be aware that all assignments (reflection-notes) must be submitted by the end of October in order to sign up for the final exam. As potential single-course student, we encourage you to reflect whether you will be able to invest the time that is required to complete the course.

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