Course offering

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences offer various course packages for our incoming exchange/ study abroad students.

Program information

Application Deadline

April 30 (fall semester)/ October 1 (spring semester)

Study Plan

Courses in English

Exchange/ study abroad


Bachelor level courses are packaged into different course packages. The courses in the different packages are in the same field in sport sciences, and no conflicts in scheduling and exams will occur. 

Course packages will be updated by April 1, for the upcoming fall semester. Courses for the spring semester could see changes up until October 1.

Students must choose one of the course packages when completing the application.

It is not possible to choose courses from different course packages.

NIH also offers some master level courses. You can find an overview under "Study Plan" in the "Program information" box. Master level courses have course codes beginning with MA4xx, or NOFRI1xx.

Program structure

Fall semester 2021 (August - December)

Changes may occur until April 1

Outdoor Studies

The Outdoor Studies package is made up of three courses. Together, these three courses satisfy the required full-time workload for one semester. Due to several field trips, these courses cannot be combined with any other courses. The courses are co-taught with Norwegian students.

You will need to bring your own equipment for the Outdoor Studies courses. In the link below to find out more about the equipment that is compulsory and the equipment that is recommended. We have also included some information about extra costs and expenses associated with the field trips.

Sport Management and Coaching

The Department of Sport and Social Sciences offer three courses in English during the fall semester and three courses during the spring semester. It is also a possibility of an internship during the spring semester.

Sport Biology and Health

You will find the course plans in the links below with more specific information:


Spring semester 2022 (January - June)

Changes may occur until October 1. Course descriptions will be available late spring.

Bachelor level course package

Master level course package

General information

Exchange/ Study abroad students who want to register for courses at master level must have a relevant bachelor degree or equivalent.

There are also course specific prerequisites. Please note that we can admit a limited number of students in each course, and NIH reserves the right to rank the applicants.

Courses taught in Norwegian

Exchange/ Study abroad students who can document a good working knowledge of the Norwegian language (Bergenstest or equivalent) can choose courses taught in Norwegian. We recommend that you contact the International office at NIH if you would like more information about available courses taught in Norwegian.

When is the course schedule published?

The course schedule for the entire upcoming, academic year will be published mid-July.

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