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May 1/ Oct 1

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The Sport Management education is suitable for those who want to work in managerial positions in sport organizations, both non-profit and private, or in public sport administration.

The SPMxxx courses are aimed to stimulate critical and analytical thinking for sport managers working in sports organizations. The courses cover subjects related to leadership, management, marketing and organizational theory. Students applying for the Sport Management courses are encouraged to familiarize with the major sport organizations and major sporting events prior to attending the courses.

The TIxx courses are part of our Coaching and Sport Psychology program and covers topics related to coaching children and youth (TI200) where contextual knowledge and insights into the young athletes’ mindset is the focus.  TI205 is directed toward the analytical perspective of sport participation and give students a theoretical foundation and practical skills to develop analysis question, collect, analyse, write report and present valid and relevant performance data for practical and academic settings. Finally, the TI305 Performance management course will give students an introduction to the way leading groups in sport do holistic, integrated, and functional talent- and performance development.

Program structure

The Department of Sport and Social Sciences offer three courses in English during the fall semester and three courses during the spring semester. It is also a possibility of an internship during the spring semester.

Fall Semester, 2020

SPM323 Comparative Research Project (10 ECTS)

SPM325 Event Management (10 ECTS)

TI200 Sports Coaching 1: Coaching Children and youth (10 ECTS)

Spring Semester, 2021 (changes may occur until October 1)

SPM230 Sport Marketing (10 ECTS)

SPM375 Internship (30 ECTS)

TI205 Performance analysis in team ball sport (10 ECTS)

TI304 Performance management (10 ECTS)

The internship is offered to students who have completed all of the three Sport Management courses and offer a unique opportunity to work within a Norwegian sport organization for one semester. Through the time spent in a sport organization the student will be stimulated to engage in reflective thinking by bridging academic insight with practical experience.

General information

We do have limited placements on our internships, we reserve the right to rank applicants. 

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