Sport Biology, Health and Psychology

If you are interested in the aspects of physical activity and health, sport psychology, and, or sport biology. NIH offers course package of 30 ECTS credits in English.

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NIH is a leading institution within research in Sport Sciences. We cover the field with specialized bachelor, master and Ph.D programs, and have made some of the classes available for international students by teaching them in English. Here we have a selection of courses from three different fields of study, which can be combined into a course package with three courses per semester. 

Program structure

You will find the course plans in the links below with more specific information:

Fall Semester

FAH325 Physical Activity and Seniors (10 ECTS)

IBI 217 Nutrition and Physical Activity (10 ECTS)

TCI250 Sport Psychology (10 ECTS) 

We strongly recommend that you take three of these courses as a "package" instead of combining them with other courses taught in English, as this combination will be coordinated to avoid overlaps in the time table.

Spring Semester

IBI312 Sport and Exercise Biomechanics (10ECTS)

IBI331 Cell Biology (10ECTS)

General information

We reserve the right to rank our applicants if there are more applicants than available places in the different courses.

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