Costs and expenses

These costs are estimates and may change slightly. We work hard to keep the costs to a minimum while also providing a satisfying learning programme. While the NIH staff can provide guidance on when course costs will occur, it is each student’s responsibility to manage their budget throughout the semester.

Additional costs connected to the courses:

  • Literature: in each course there will be a handbook of required readings and each handbook costs 280-300 NOK. (We offer digital access but most students ask for print copies).
  • Food: about NOK 120-150 for each day when we are on field-trips; there are also 3-4 one-day lessons outdoors when you will be expected to bring food for cooking outdoors.
  • Fire wood: approx 200 NOK

The programme includes 3-4 field trips, approximately 15-20 days in total. 

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