Outdoor studies

The Outdoor Studies package offers a unique combination of learning opportunities outdoors combined with academic study of friluftsliv throughout the semester

Program information

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May 1

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The outdoor studies will give you an unique opportunity to learn about, and practice, many different aspects of Norwegian outdoor life in a variety of environments. The field trips are coordinated with lectures and learning tasks that, together, help you develop a foundation of knowledge and skill for teaching and leading people in the outdoors. The program prepares for educational work in schools, voluntary organizations, social child and youth work and preventive health care. The study is also relevant parts of the public administration and within tourism.

Program structure

The Outdoor Studies package is made up of three courses. Together, these three courses satisfy the required full-time workload for one semester. Due to several field trips, these courses cannot be combined with any other courses. The courses are co-taught with Norwegian students.

You will need to bring your own equipment for the Outdoor Studies - Friluftsliv courses. Use the link below to find out more about the equipment that is compulsory and the equipment that is recommended. We have also included some information about extra costs and expenses associated with the field trips.

General information

We can admit up to 15 exchange students to the Outdoor Studies course package. NIH reserves the right to rank the applicants. If it is necessary to choose between applicants, priority will be given to those who demonstrate an academic and/or vocational interest in outdoor education, pedagogy/teacher education, outdoor recreation management, or outdoor leadership in other professional fields.

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