Overview over all English courses

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) offers several courses in English at both bachelor and master level.

Courses in English the Fall semester 

Overview of courses taught in English

Bachelor level 

Sport Management (30 ECTS)

Outdoor Studies - Friluftsliv (30 ECTS)

Sport Biology, Health and Psychology (30 ECTS)

UTV-essay - individual study (10 ECTS)

Master level

MAS-essay - individual study (10 ECTS)  

Courses in English the Spring semester 

Bachelor level

Sport biomechanics (10ECTS)

Cell Biology (10 ECTS)

UTV-essay - individual study (10 ECTS)

International Organization of Sports (10 ECTS) 

Internship Sport Management (30 ECTS)  - open for students taking one full year Sport Management at NIH

Master level

Specialization course in biomechanics (10 ECTS)

MAS-essay - individual study(10 ECTS)

Advanced psychology of sports (10 ECTS)

General information about our courses

We strongly recommend not to combine courses from the different course packages (BA), as they will not be coordinated in the timetable. Please note that the timetable will not be published before mid July. 

Due to many excursions, the Outdoor studies package will not be possible to combine with other studies. 

Exchange students who want to register for courses at master level must have a relevant bachelor degree or equivalent.

There are also course specific prerequisites. Please note that we can admit a limited number of students on each course, and NIH reserves the right to rank the applicants.

Courses taught in Norwegian

Exchange students who can document a good working knowledge of the Norwegian language (Bergenstest or equivalent) can choose courses taught in Norwegian. We recommend that you contact the international office at NIH if you would like more information about available courses taught in Norwegian.

Contact us

International Office

Email: exchange@nih.no