Student Life

Resources for students: SiO, Medical services, Student recreational activities, Public transportation, SIM card for mobile phone, Part-time work and Work Permit

Student Health Service and Student counselling at SiO

As a student at NIH you have access to the Student Health Services at SiO located at the University of Oslo (Blindern). Here you can sign up for a regular general practitioner (GP), help you with vaccination and dentistry or you can make an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychologist. The consultation are free.

If you need someone to talk to about problems ranging form everyday problems to those that are seriously affecting your ability to function, you can contact the Student Counselling at Blindern, University of Oslo. They provide a free and confidential service dedicated to support students by professional counsellors. This is a safe place to work out new strategies together with someone who will listen and offer new perspectives.  

Doctor/ medical

If you need to see a doctor, you can use SiO, or you can go to the Emergency Room (Legevakten). In the event of life-threatening illness or injury, which requires immediate help, use the emergency number 113. The medical expertise will then assess how to handle the situation (e.g. to get an ambulance for transportation to a hospital).

Student recreational activities

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences student organizations offers several on and off campus recreational activities. NIHI is the students sport organization that offers a variety of organized sports on campus. GiGass is a leisure and recreational activity group that sets off on wild adventures.

Public transportation

Oslo has a good system for getting around the city. Ruter is the company that runs the transit system, and you can use the same ticket for the following modes of transportation within the city limits:

  • Underground/ metro (t-bane)
  • buses
  • trams/ light rail (trikk)
  • Ferries (for some local ferries you will have to purchase a separate ticket)

We recommend that you purchase a month pass, as this is a cheaper option than purchasing single tickets. As a student you can purchase a student pass. Make sure you have downloaded the Student ID app (iTunes, Google Play Store) before purchasing the student pass.

You can also purchase tickets at the metro stations on vending machines, or at kiosks (Narvesen, 7 eleven and Deli de Luca).

Ruter has two apps we recommend students to download:

SIM card for mobile phone

There are many mobile providers in Norway. If you wish to get a Norwegian mobile number the easiest may be to get a pre-paid plan. All you need is to bring your passport to a store and ask for a pre-paid plan.

Part-time work and Work Permit

Your student Residence Permit entitles you to take part time employment for up to 20 hours a week. In addition, you may work full time during holidays, but requires that you follow regular student progression, and complete 30 ECTS credits each semester.

To work, you will need a tax card issued by the Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) located in Schweigaards gate 17.