Although there are no tuition or semester fees for our exchange students, please note that the rumour is true: Norway is an expensive country to live in.

You will need money for accommodation, food, study material, travel, living expenses, and some activities related to your studies or on your free time.

It is difficult to give a precise estimate of how much money you will need for one semester. You should estimate around NOK 10000 per month on a modest budget. We will try to give you some approximate numbers to give you an idea of expenses for one semester (five months).

Housing: you can get rooms at Kringsjå or Sogn for NOK 3000 to 3500 a month, adding up to NOK 15000 to 17500 per semester.

Food: food can generally be quite expensive in Norway, especially eating out. You should probably estimate NOK 12000 to 15000 on food for one semester. 

Books and supplies: it is not unreasonable to estimate NOK 1000 per month (NOK 5000 per semester), but of course you will spend more in the beginning of the semester than the later months. 

Transportation: A student 30-day-pass for public transport in Oslo are available. See ruter.no for prices. Only valid for students under the age of 30. Many exchange students also want to travel around Norway while here, so you might end up spending more money on transportation. 

In general, you must be prepared to also spend some money on setting up your household and buying clothes suitable for the cold Norwegian climate. Some of our former exchange students estimate a little lower monthly cost than the national guidlines. 

Outdoor life students

Students who are going to study Outdoor life while at NIH will have to spend more money on equipment. You are advised to bring as much as possible of the equipment from your home country, as it will probably be more expensive to buy it once in Norway. Please see the links below for more information:

List of compulsory and recommended equipment (fall semester)

Costs and expenses (fall semester

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