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Before arrival

After you are accepted as an exchange student at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, there are certain things you need to organize before your arrival in Norway. In the menu to the left you will find information that we ask you to read carefully when planning your exchange semester with us.

As an exchange student at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, you can apply for housing through The Foundation for Student life in Oslo (SiO).

All students from outside the Scandinavian countries, staying more than three months, has to apply for a study permit through the Norwegian Immigration Office; UDI. Follow the given guidelines at

All incoming students need to have their own health insurance. It is important that you have it prior to your arrival as you need the documentation for the study permit (Visa). European health insurance card and or private health insurance is required.

Although there are no tuition or semester fees for our exchange students, please note that the rumour is true: Norway is an expensive country to live in.

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences offers a Norwegian language course for our exchange students in the beginning of each semester.

People from countries with a high occurrence of tuberculosis are obliged to undergo tuberculosis testing if they intend to stay more than three months in Norway.