Parents guide


It is significant to emphasize that parents are significant, whether children are elite athletes or not. It is important that children have involved parents who care about both their own and other people's children. Experiences and feedback from coaches and athletes show that it can be experienced demanding to handle parents who, in the best sense, contributes with more negative constructive feedback to their children's sports environment.

The parents' guide is developed in a collaboration between the Norwegian Olympic Centre for Young Performers, by Åke Fiskerstrand and Hanne Staff, and Department of Sport Psychology, Professor Glyn Roberts and Anne Fylling Frøyen. The advice applies across sports and age.

  1. Give your children advice on the decision of sport, but let them make the final decision of what sport to start or continue with.
  2. When you as a parent are active within a sport or other activities can help inspire your child to participate in sport.
  3. It is important to remember that children develops differently (e.g. strengths, reflections of own performance etc.)
  4. Focus on the joy of sport and development of friendship
  5. Praise your child when you regencies effort and skill development, remember that you child participate in sport because they strive to learn new skills and experience mastery- Try to avoid too much focus on the result.
  6. Give support to the coach during matches and try to avoid too much technical comments during the match, as this can become more distracting than helpful for the athletes.
  7. Show respect of the set rules and the referee's judgements during the match, despite you disagreeing with their perceptions.  
  8. Contribute in your child's club with being collaborate where they need the support.


The information is retrieved from Olympiatiopen`s parents guide