Parents awareness


To create a good climate on and off the field it is crucial to have good relationships and a good dialogue with the parent group. It is important to clarify the club's values, policies and team rules with the parents, so that they become aware of their role. Parent is a good venue to create and maintain this awareness.


• Support the club's activities

• Meet up to matches and training sessions - you are important for both the players and the environment.

• Encouragement all players in success and adversity - this gives the players confidence, satisfaction and motivation to stay in the club environment.

• We are all responsible for the club environment during matches - give praise to both teams for good performance and Fair play.

• Respect the coach's game management - constructive dialogue on implementation of the match should be discussed with the coach and club after the match.

• Respect the referee's decisions - even if you sometimes disagree!

• It is your child playing soccer. Act positively and supportive so they can see yo|u as a good supporter.


It's about respect - right?


The information are retrieved from NIFs parental common sense rules