Meet the parents


Ken and Arlene Olynyk

Ken and Arlene Olynyk are the parents of Kelly, Jesse and Maya. Kelly plays in the NBA for the Boston Celtics, Maya plays U Sports basketball for the Saskatchewan Huskies and Jesse played rugby for the University of Victoria and the province of British Columbia.


Jan Scott

Jan is the mother of Beckie Scott, Olympic Champion. Beckie’s bronze at the 2002 Games became silver, and finally gold, when it was revealed the two racers who beat her had tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.


Keith Wilkinson

Keith is the father of Rhian Wilkinson, fullback on the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team. She is a CONCACAF Champion (2010), 2X Olympic Games Medalist and Norway Toppserien Winner (2012).


Rosemary Brydon

Rosemary is the mother of Emily Brydon, former Canadian alpine skier. Now retired, Emily is a three-time Olympian who competed for Canada at Salt Lake City 2002, Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010.




Dr. Penny Werthner has spent more than 30 years in sport and psychology. An olympian herself and having consulted multiple Olympic teams to publishing peer-reviewed papers, she is an extremely influential name in Canadian sports psychology. Underneath she shares her experteese and experiences working with athletes and their parents in order to help you have a better ride home:


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