Who are we?

Pierre-Nicolas Lemyre

Nicolas is the director of Norwegian Research Center for Children and Youth Sport and president of the section for coaching and psychology at NIH.









Christian Thue Bjørndal

Christian is a PhD candidate, his researcher focuses on Talent Development in Norwegian team handball. He also works under the Section of coaching and psychology at NIH.







Hege Wilson Landgraff

Hege is a PhD candidate, her researcher focuses on Physical development in young endurance athletes and their affiliation at the Section of Physical Performance at NIH.







Hedda Berntsen

Hedda looks at the needs supportive coach. In addition, she is in the final stages of the project mapping the club environment and investigate which environmental factors were very important for today's top performers in adolescence (12-16 years).






Siv Gjesdal

Siv's is a PhD candidate, her researcher focuses on the PAPA project and looking into motivation environment in children and youth sport - perceptions of coach behavior and motivation quality based on PAPA project.