Women in Sport in the Czech Republic


Formal title

Gender Relations in Sports - Experiences of Female Athletes in the Czech Republic


The research project’s goal was to assess the present role and situation of women in sport and in sport organizations in the Czech Republic. It is our hope that the results from the project should serve as a basis for sport organizations in the Czech Republic in determining measures that should increase the proportion of women in sport activities at all levels of sport and in all sporting roles. The goal of the project was formulated as follows: To develop knowledge about the influence and the meaning of gender-relations in the lives of female athletes in the Czech Republic. The s pecific research questions were formulated as follows:
1. What are the major barriers for female participation in sport?
2. What are the female athletes’ and sport students’ experiences with male and female coaches?
3. What is the amount of harassment experienced by female athletes?     
4. What are the major barriers towards female involvement in coaching, refereeing and sport administration?


The athletes that were selected to participate in this study were originally sampled from the following three groups: elite level athletes, club athletes and sport students. Elite level athletes were defined as participants in the Olympic Games / World or European Championships and practicing 4 or 5 times a week. Club level athletes had to be member of and practice with a sport club. Sport students were defined as students who were studying sport at the university level. A total of 595 women participate in the study: 169 elite level athletes, 212 from the club level and 214 sport students. The sport students were recruited from those three Universities in Czech where it is possible to study sport:  Charles University in Prague, Palackeho University in Olomouc, and Masaryk University in Brno. Most of them were in their third or four year.
The data were gathered through a questionnaire. In addition to the questionnaire, a qualitative in-depth interview with nine elite level athletes was done. The questionnaires were coded and analyzed with SPPS (Statistical Program Package for Social Sciences


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