The motivational process in talent development in the arts and the sport



The purpose is to investigate and compare the interaction between the motivational profile of young performing students and the motivational characteristics of the learning environments within high performing talent programs in the arts (ballet and classical music) and the sport.


The project will be conducted through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods in a multiphase mixed methods design built on exploratory sequential and embedded QUAN (qual) designs. 
1) A qualitative retrospective study of professional performers` experience of the interaction between past learning environments and personal motivational dispositions in ballet, classical music and sport. 
2) An exploratory cross- sectional study of performers` motivational profiles and perceived motivational climate within different learning environments.
3) A longitudinal study of the interaction between performers` motivational profiles and the motivational climate in the learning context.
4) A qualitative in –depth study to examine the performers` experiences of the motivational process within different learning context.  

Project participants: students from Oslo National Academy of the arts, bachelorprogram in classical ballet (age 15-19), students from Barrat Due Musikkinstitutt, project young talents (age 15-19 år) and athletes form Norwegian top sport colleges (NTG). 


Results will be published continuously.