Mental health in elite sport


Formal title

The Dark Side of Elite Sport - mental health problems among elite athletes


Prevalence of most common mental disorders (anxiety and depression) in Norwegian elite athletes, as well as occurrence of eating disorders, sleep disorders (primarily insomnia), gambling problems and alcohol abuse. In addition, the project will look at various treatment interventions suitable for an elite sport context.


Validated clinical self-reporting questionnaires will be distributed to
elite athletes in Norway. All respondents who show a symptom score above the clinical threshold will be invited to conduct a clinical interview.

This project is part of an international collaboration group including Sweden (Fil.dr. Göran Kenttä), Denmark (Associated Professor Kristoffer Henriksen), Finland (Dr.Maarit Valtonen) and Canada (Professor Penny Werthner). Although each country will conduct their own studies, we will collaborate on choice of measurements and compare findings across nationalities. A project group has been established and will meet regularly.



Results are published on a continuous basis.