Healthy Body Image 2

A high number of Norwegian adolescents are dissatisfied with their bodies and classified with disordered eating. disordered eating are associated with reduced mental and physical health and can lead to harmful behaviors such as extreme diets, excessive exercise and use of supplements and drugs to gain muscle mass and lose body fat. There is a lack of knowledge in terms of preventing disordered eating and enhancing body image in adolescents. Development of prevention and health promotion programs are therefore warranted.


Formal title

The “Healthy Body Image” program (HBI): A school-based cluster-randomized controlled trial


The main aim of the study is to investigate if a universal, school based and health promoting intervention program can prevent development of disordered eating and self-reported eating disorders among boys and girls in 2nd grade high school.


High schools in Oslo and Akershus County were asked to participate in the study and consenting schools were randomized into either the intervention- or the control group. The intervention schools received interactive workshops presenting themes such as
body image, self-esteem, social media, physical activity, nutrition, and health information. The themes were presented through discussions, individual and group work and through non-time consuming homework. Experts in the field of physical activity and health and nutrition conducted the workshops.

Project participants/partners (supervisors, co-supervisor, partners)

Professor Jorunn Sundgot-Borgen, PhD, Department of Sports Medicine, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (supervisor, NIH)

Professor Jan H. Rosenvinge, Ph.d., Department of psychology, UiT

Professor Oddgeir Friborg, Ph.d., Department of psychology, UiT

Professor Denise Wilfley, Ph.d., Department of Psychology, WUSM St. Louis, USA.

Associate professor Solfrid Bratland-Sanda, Ph.d., Institute of Sports and Outdoor life sciences, University College of Southeast Norway (USN)

Associated professor Elin Kolle, Ph.d., Department of Sports Medicine, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH)

Associate professor Gunn Pettersen, Ph.d., Department of Health and Caring Sciences, UiT – The arctic university of Norway (UiT)

Associate professor Monica Klungland Torstveit, Ph.d., Department of Public Health, Sport and Nutrition, University of Agder (co-supervisor,UiA)

Christine Sundgot-Borgen, Msc. Ph.d. candidate, Department of Sports Medicine, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH)

Associated professor Runi Børresen, Ms, Faculty of Humanities and Education, Department of Human Rights, Religion and Social Sciences University College of Southeast Norway (USN)

This project is funded by the Norwegian ExtraFoundation for Health and Rehabilitation through The Norwegian Women's Public Health Association