Spinal Cord Injury exercise and health


Place: Aud A, NIH

Formal title

Spinal Cord Injury exercise and health


The PhD-project consists of four subprojects. The main goal is to increase the body of knowledge about health benefits from physical exercise for persons with SCI, especially persons with incomplete injuries. Potentially, different approaches to exercise or more appropriate goal setting or expectations is needed and thus influence how therapists should set up and individualize exercise programs. The outcome of the study may be of practical help for health workers in the field of rehabilitation and guide the health workers how they should give exercise advice for the population.


The first subproject explores life satisfaction for exercising and non exercising persons with incomplete SCI. Study 2 compare perceptions of exercise for exercisers and non-exercisers in persons with both complete and incomplete injury. Study 3 consists of qualitative interviews to explore the feeling of fatigue, overuse and burnout in persons with incomplete SCI. Study 4 is a survey that will map the incidence of overuse / burnout in the population.

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