Seated versus standing position for maximization of performance

Formal title

Seated versus standing position for maximization of performance


In this project we investigate whether seated or standing position is best for maximisation of performance during intense uphill cycling.


The purpose of the present study was to investigate cycling performance in the seated and standing position during uphill cycling at four power outputs that were predicted to lead to exhaustion at approximately 8, 4, 1.5, and 0.5 min. Performance was determined as time to exhaustion at these power outputs. It was hypothesized that the standing position would result in better performance at the highest power output, while the seated position would be best at the lowest power output. In addition, we investigated the exercise intensity above which standing cycling was more effective than
seated cycling.


In conclusion, trained cyclists performed better when standing than seated during 10% uphill cycling at the highest power output applied (165% of Wmax). At the lowest power output applied (86% of Wmax), there was no difference in performance between the seated and standing positions. Therefore, our general advice is that cyclists should choose their preferred position for maximization of performance at a submaximal intensity around 86% of Wmax, while the standing position should be applied at intensities approaching 165% of Wmax.